White Cascade

$1,939.00 AUD

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White cascade is an all white flower and petal porcelain decor.

We worked on this design for one of our clients who wanted to fill two niches.

The idea was to have something round, simple and smooth so we worked from our Pompon flower and introduced these timeless pieces.

We love that they have a pretty minimalist look from afar but are real soft flowers up close. Some are glazed to look shiny and reflect light and some are matte for the soft part.

We feel like the shapes of the petals go so well with the flowers and really bring the cascade effect to life.

This listing offers 24 flowers and 44 petals, all different shapes and sizes.

Sizes for the flowers range from 5.5cm to 7.5cm - 2.16in to 2.95in.

On the pictures, the petals are shown close to the wall but they come with a pin at the back so you can play with depth.

Flowers come with a M3 threaded rod so you can screw them easily like anything else. We provide the dowels. If you need a different fixing method, feel free to reach out!

You can see the whole project in our Portfolio or click here.

One set of these would be ready to be sent in 4 weeks.

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