Golden Black Hydrangeas

$943.00 USD

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Our first design of Hydrangeas turns into a stunning golden brown decoration!

The beautifully curved petals add a nice and light movement to the decor.

Some of the edges are smooth and other are serrated.

This original color completely transforms the look of this classical porcelain flower.

You can choose from a 23 or 39 flower decor.

Size for the blooms range from 3cm - 1.18in to 6cm - 2.36in - those sizes are approximate due to the various openings of the blooms.

These flowers will bring a touch of elegance to all classic, contemporary and minimalist interiors.

About the fixing method:
There's a M3 threaded rod at the back about 10mm (0.4in) long.
You can screw them directly into the wall, frame them or mount them on a panel.
Nuts and dowels included.

This fixing method allows easy installation and safe removal.

Ready to ship: 3 to 4 weeks.

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