Blush Magnolias

€225.00 EUR

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3 Superb Magnolias in Biscuit Blush Porcelain with 24k Gold Accents

These flowers are a delicate addition to any bright-seeking room.

The color is a light peach blush.
The golden accents bring light and chic for a very soft atmosphere.

This magnolia design is ours, which we make by hand in our studio in France

There are 3 sizes: about 10 - 9 - 8cm / 3.93in - 3.54in - 3.14in

You can install them easily thanks to the 3mm diameter threaded rod and approximately 10mm long. Simply screw them into the wall, frame them or mount them on a panel.
Nuts and dowels are provided.

This fixing system also allows for safe removal.

Ready to ship : around 2 weeks

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