Ocean Green Candle - Jasmine

€39.00 EUR

Our new decoration segment: Scented candles!

This candle is entirely handmade and is composed as follows:

-The container: Magnolia petals in unglazed porcelain (outer face) and enamelled porcelain (inner face)
-The candle: Soy wax, Jasmine fragrance and Mica powder for the Ocean Green color -And that's it!

Size: About 6.5 cm in diameter by 5 cm in height
From 10 to 12 hours of diffusion

Delivered in a gift box.

Leadtime : 1 to 3 working days

The little extra: Once the candle is finished, you can either re-cast your own candle, or use it as a candle holder!

More about the composition of our candles:

- Produced exclusively with soy (100% renewable product)
- Thanks to its 100% vegetable composition, soy wax candles do not emit toxic or polluting substances during combustion
- It is easily cleaned with hot water

- No phthalates
- Meets all IFRA recommendations (International Fragrance Association)

- Mineral powder 100% of natural origin

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