Wall Decor of Magnolias

€685.00 EUR

This decor of Magnolia flowers is one of our most popular pieces.

Around 6 cm high, these elegant blooms with a slender curve play nicely with depths and lights. 

They are made in unglazed white porcelain and the petals are given a little ribbed texture.

Some centers have 22k gold dots and others have a shiny apperance given by a transparent glaze.

If you wish to recreate the configuration shown, you will need a space of approximately 80 x 55 cm.
The blooms come in 2 sizes : 9 and 10 cm for a total number of 10 units.

This decor is handmade upon order and comes with a installation guide, with or without a gift box.

Leadtime : 2 to 3 weeks

If you wish to receive more blooms to create a larger decor, or if you have any questions or requests, please contact us.

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