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In December 2021, we were approached to provide over 50 porcelain butterflies with golden accents. Early 2022, the little fellows flew away to decorate a secret location in the United States of America.

While we can't say much about this project, you can see a few pictures of the pieces we made.

About our butterflies

Each butterfly is entirely handmade and handpainted in 24k gold.

Those are made in Blackmann Porcelain that remains unglazed except for the golden parts.

They need to receive a transparent glaze in order to apply the gold after the second firing. Finally a third firing will fix the gold and the butterflies will be ready to go!

This client had chosen to have two loops on the back of the butterflies to hang on a wall, but we always work to find the best fixing method that will suit your project.

Feel free to reach out and enquire about other possibilities!

We want our pieces to arrive safely to their destination so we always figure out the appropriate packaging solutions to make it happen.

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