Mini-Decor of Butterflies - 8 colors

$219.00 USD

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Get your mini-decor of colored porcelain butterflies!

The porcelain is slightly satiny and we make the colors ourselves.

The bodies of the butterflies are shiny white enhanced with a small 24k gold cap for the head.

To give a nice movement to the decor, the butterflies all have a different openings.
The sizes therefore vary around 5.5cm. (2.16in)

These soft sets are ideal for a children's room or a room looking for a subtle and delicate touch of colour.

You can choose from 8 colors and 3 different decor sizes.

Colors are : Pistachio - Purple - Pink - Grey Blue - Turquoise - Duck Blue - Blue Green - Peach

Then you can choose to get 5, 7 or 10 units. For some colors, only 5 units are available right now but feel free to reach out if you have any requests!

You will be able to install and remove the butterflies easily and safely thanks to the screw on the back of each butterfly.
It is a rod 3mm in diameter by 10/12mm long. They are screwed directly into the wall or onto the panel/board of your choice using the dowels or nuts provided.

Ready to ship : 1 to 2 weeks

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