Pompon Flowers

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Wall decor of flowers in biscuit porcelain.

You can choose between a 9 flower or 18 flower version.
The flowers come in 3 differents sizes.

Breakdown for 9 flowers:
 1 x 8 cm - 3.15in
 3 x 7 cm - 2.76in
 5 x 6 cm - 2.36in

Breakdown for 18 flowers:
4 x 8 cm - 3.15in
7 x 7 cm - 2.76in
7 x 6 cm - 2.36

Our little pompons are made of biscuit porcelain enhanced with a 24k gold centre.
The petals are drawn in a slight heart shape and reworked with discreet veins for a very soft texture.

These flowers will bring a little touch of elegance to all classic, contemporary and minimalist interiors.

About the fixing method:
There is a threaded rod at the back - 3mm by 10mm long. (0.12x0.4in)
You can screw them directly into the wall, frame them or mount them on a panel.
Come with nuts and dowels.

This fixing method allows easy installation and safe removal.

Ready to ship : 15 business days.

Do you prefer platinum instead of gold? Send us a message, we'll make them for you!

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