Black and Gold Butterflies

$367.00 USD

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A flight of butterflies to decorate your home - to be installed in a frame, on a panel or to be screwed directly into the wall.

These butterflies are made of black biscuit porcelain enhanced with 24k golden accents. Some are all gold. They are very shiny.

There are 3 sizes but the difference in wing opening give a unique size to each butterfly.

Decor breakdown
5 small (3 gold) : 5.5cm (2.16in)
4 medium: 8cm (3.14in)
2 tall: 10cm (3.93in)

There's a 3mm brass rod by 12mm long at the back of each butterfly so you can either screw the butterfly directly into the wall, or use the supplied nut to mount the decor on a panel (wooden, metal...) or frame it.

Ready to ship : 1 to 2 weeks

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