Briar Roses 2023

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Introducing our new Briar Rose design!

We recently revisited our Briar Rose design to go from our interpretation to a design that would ressemble more the original flower.

Our little Briar Roses are made of white biscuit porcelain enhanced with 24k gold accents centres.

The petals are very thin and are drawn to be as delicate as the real Briar Rose.
You can choose from a 7 or a 15 flower decor.

Breakdown for 7:
1 x 6.5 cm - 2.56in
1 x 5.5 cm - 2.17in
1 x 5 cm - 1.97in
4 x 4 cm - 1.57in

Breakdown for 15:
3 x 6.5 cm - 2.56in
4 x 5.5 cm - 2.17in
3 x 5 cm - 1.97in
5 x 4 cm - 1.57in

These flowers will bring a touch of elegance to all classic, contemporary and minimalist interiors.

About the fixing method:
There's a M3 threaded rod at the back about 10mm (0.4in) long.
You can screw them directly into the wall, frame them or mount them on a panel.
Nuts and dowels included.

This fixing method allows easy installation and safe removal.

Ready to ship: 10/15 business days.

Do you prefer platinum instead of gold? Send us a message, we'll make them for you!

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