Wreath of Multicolor Hydrangeas

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Multicolor Hydrangea Bouquets Wall Decor

This wall decor consists of 25 bouquets of hydrangeas of different sizes and colors for a total work of 131 flowers!

The flowers are handcrafted in biscuit porcelain and the colors are our own.

The flowers are arranged in bouquets of 3, 5 and 10 hydrangeas, some of which are white and others coloured.

All flowers have a pretty shiny center.

There are 6 colors: Blue, Turquoise, Pistachio, Peach/Nude, Pink and Parma.

6 bouquets of 10 flowers: approximately 7cm round / 2.75in
7 bouquets of 5 flowers: approximately 5cm round / 1.96 in
12 bouquets of 3 flowers: approximately 4cm round / 1.57in

The fixing method:
You can install the flowers thanks to the threaded rod of 3mm round by about 10/15mm long at the back of each bouquet. You can screw them directly into the wall, frame them or mount them on a panel. Nuts and dowels are provided.

This fixing method makes it simple to install and allows safe removal.

You can recreate a similar wreath that would be around 38cm/15in round or place the little bouquets however you like!

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